Kilner and the Cornersmith Online School

Teaching traditional skills for modern kitchens and bringing preserving into the everyday.

Cornersmith is a business based in Sydney’s inner west consisting of an established cooking school called “The Picklery”, two eateries and an online store.  Their key philosophy is: ethical food production, community engagement and sustainable business practices.

The Picklery classes are consistently sold out and teach on average 500 students per month in techniques for pickling, preserving, jam making, fermenting, kombucha, cheesemaking, pastry and much more.  After teaching over 20,000 home cooks to preserve in NSW and across Australia, Cornersmith have responded to demand by also taking the Cornersmith Cooking School online. 

The online course is delivered as a series of preserving topics taught by Cornersmith co-owner and bestselling cookbook author Alex Elliott-Howery. Each topic inclusedes a set of video recipes, quick tip videos and learning materials and is available through the Cornersmith website. The purpose of the cooking school is to move these niche skills to a contemporary framework, reminding people that traditional skills can be part of everyday kitchen routines.

Kilner® Australia is the exclusive sponsor of the online cooking school. Kilner products are used in each video and are included in Cornersmith’s ‘Essential Equipment List’.  Cornersmith have an affinity to the quality of Kilner jars, preserving equipment and accessories – for example, the soda-lime glass used in the manufacture of Kilner jars is of an even thickness, so are less likely to break during the heat-treating and sterilization processes used when pickling and preserving. Cornersmith have devoted a page of their online store to their favourite Kilner products and have created a series of videos promoting their association with the brand.

Alex Elliott-Howery is the “Godmother of Preserving” and has established herself as the authority on preserving, a pioneer in the war on food waste and a trusted source for the future of food.  Alex has appeared on national TV, notably the ABC’s Gardening Australia and Channel 10’s Studio 10. She has also featured in print media (including Delicious Magazine & The Weekend Australian Magazine), on multiple national radio stations, podcasts, online media outlets and spoken on numerous panels including for Woolworths and Good Food Month. A self-taught preserver, Alex is passionate about sharing her knowledge and offering quality food education to a broad audience. Alex has written two best-selling cookbooks; ‘Cornersmith – Recipes from the Cafe and Picklery’ and ‘Salads & Pickles’ and is working on future projects which use preserving as a way of reducing food waste in homes and in businesses.

Written by Kitchenware Collective

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