SCANPAN TechnIQ – Crafted by Chefs

TechnIQ is the ultimate equipment designed with chefs for the demanding requirements of expert culinary professionals. Created in Denmark using a hand-casting process, TechnIQ is a core collection of professional tools ideal for chefs and those who aspire to cook like a chef at home

A series of purposefully different culinary tools, challenging traditional designs, TECHNIQ is cookware redesigned.  Conceived with a passion for gastronomy, born from experiences in a professional kitchen, developed with internationally renowned chefs, technicians and designers.

The new STRATANIUM+ patented non-stick surface has properties that meet chefs’ highest requirements – optimal contact with food, improved releasability, durability and ease of cleaning. The tactile ‘haptic’ surface provides a degree of crisp-ness and special browning – a unique feature, and a SCANPAN exclusive, that accentuates taste and flavour. The ultimate cooking platform to stimulate the senses – touch, see, hear, smell and taste the difference.

Lets look at each of the styles in the collection…

The Windsor.

The high, slanted sides on this 22cm pan provide a large surface area which is perfect for reducing and thickening sauces while being an essential for every kitchen.

The Bistro.

Versatile and functional – use it for stir frying, sautéing, simmering and more. The ovoid shape and generous 26cm size is ideal for stirring & whisking in the pan, without spilling.

The Giant Braiser.

A vast cooking surface accommodates large batches of food and extra high walls help trap heat for even cooking and superior braising. This image shows the glass lid which is available as an option with all TechnIQ styles

The Modern Skillet.

Far from a conventional frying pan the low slanted sides give plenty of space to turn food and help it to slide out easily while producing even searing, since the pan’s shape also quickly diverts steam – leaving the pan dry for frying. Available in two sizes – 22cm and 30cm.

The Square.

The first induction-compatible non-stick roaster from SCANPAN, this multi-purpose kitchen essential comes in two sizes (28 &32cm) and is also perfect for browning meat or creating gravy on the stove top.

We all want to live cleaner and greener but with TechnIQ you don’t have to substitute style for sentiment. SCANPAN were early adopters of the use of recycled materials in industry. The cast bodies of their non-stick cookware are manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium products – requiring only 10% of the energy and creating 95% less waste as opposed to deriving aluminium through industrial mining. .

Smelting bars of recycled aluminium in the SCANPAN factory, Ryomgård Denmark.

Every pan produced at the purpose-built SCANPAN facility passes through human hands eight times during its creation – to ensure they satisfy their quality requirements and your culinary needs. This craftsmanship and attention to detail is complemented by technologically advanced manufacturing processes, resulting in high-performance cookware which delivers even, energy efficient conduction of heat that is guaranteed not to warp.

Shape, Angle, Radius, Diameter.  Large lines and small refined details.  Size, Shape, Form & Functionality.  Ergonomics & Induction compatibility.  Together these features enhance the cooking experience, and the results.


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