Pantry Goals with Click Clack

A well organised pantry can save time and money, and help us to lead healthy lifestyles.

A well-organised pantry can help create a positive impact on our hip pockets, help us make healthy food choices, build time-efficient habits and limit food waste, according to ClickClack, an iconic New Zealand company dedicated to producing elegant and incredibly helpful kitchenware.

A pantry drawer is easy to organise with Click Clack

The kitchen is one of the highest foot traffic areas of the home and for many households, it can be one of the most disorganised. According to ClickClack, clutter control can help consumers save time, money and food waste, and live a healthy lifestyle.

The kitchen pantry is one of the most used cupboards of the house, but it can also be one of the most chaotic. If your pantry is so full and jam-packed with items and ingredients you can’t easily view or access, you are more likely to re-purchase that item without realising you already have it. Organising your shelf space can help you save money on grocery shopping.

In Australia, about one in five shopping bags worth of food ends up in the bin, costing each household approximately $3,800 worth of groceries per year*. Additionally, about 35% of the average household bin is food waste*. A tidy pantry with items that are clearly labelled can help lead families to use food before its use by date, therefore reducing your household’s overall food waste.

A beautifully organised pantry with easy access to healthy foods can help lead to less take-away and more cooking at home. You can also arrange your pantry so that any junk food, such as chocolates and cookies is hidden away from sight.

Organising your cupboards may seem like a mammoth task at first, but in the long run it can help you save a lot of time and stress. An orderly pantry with easy access to all items and ingredients can lead you to create time saving systems and processes such as easier meal planning and preparation, and efficient grocery shopping unpacking.

ClickClack’s pantry range offers a collection of stylish solutions to help Australians tidy and streamline their kitchens and pantries with no fuss.

The pantry cube collection – with novel quotes to inspire your pantry goals

The pantry products offer a selection of ultra-modern and sophisticated round and cube containers. The cube range is perfect for storing pantry staples including flour, sugar, pasta and more. To keep your pantry shipshape, the round range is ideal for storing all kinds of snacks and ingredients from dried peas to peanuts, cocoa to coconut; you name it!

A lot of consumers have a love/hate relationship with their pantries. On the one hand, it houses all the delicious food we eat and on the other hand, it’s the one place in the home where it gets easily crowded, messy and disorganised.

The Pantry Round collection in charcoal

That’s where ClickClack’s incredibly useful and durable pantry range comes in! They can be purchased in two shapes – cube and round – and they come in all different sizes to fit and store just about anything. They’re not only chic and stylish, but they’re also handy and versatile. They’re BPA-free, air tight, easy to stack and easy to open.

Click Clack’s goal is to help make life smoother, less stressful and more creative; help families save time, money and calories, and limit food waste, help you prepare, cook, heat, chill and store food with their multi-talented range of airtight, space-efficient and BPA-free storage solutions.

‘Polished Chrome’ gadgets add additional style to your kitchen

ClickClack also offers an award-winning range of gadgets – from potato mashers and tongs to measuring spoons and graters – to help you whisk, mash, measure, slice, serve and stir and cook up a storm. If it’s durable, good-looking and practical, it’s ClickClack.

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