Re-use, Re-fill, Re-purpose, Re-cycle

We have curated a list of handy, practical, stylish, eco-friendly products to make everyday tasks easier while being kind to the environment.

Brabantia Food Waste Caddy

As part of their Sink Side collection, Brabantia’s Food Waste Caddy is a small compact bin that is perfect for your kitchen countertop. Great for food scraps when preparing and cooking dinner, this eliminates the need for throwing your waste into plastic bags. The handle makes it easier to transport your food waste from the kitchen to the compost. They’re also dishwasher safe making them easy to clean, ready to reuse for your next cook. Brabantia is an environmentally responsible enterprise that work towards better living and sustainable environmental futures. From their production phase which includes using green energy, reduced waste and recycled materials to their social initiatives where they work with WeForest, The Ocean Clean Up and The Hunger Project, Brabantia is truly paving the path for the future in production and business. Read more about their work to reduce environmental impacts here.

Epicurean Recycled Poly Cutting Board

There is a cool story behind the beginnings of USA brand ‘Epicurean’ who have produced cutting and serving boards since 2004. Born out of a company making eco-friendly municipal skate parks, they found the wood composite used in their ramps was not only extremely durable and non-porous, but also food safe and dishwasher safe.

The pictured cutting board is made in USA from post-consumer recycled milk jugs – from 14-30 jugs to be precise, dependent on the board size. They come in seven colours, are knife-friendly (meaning they wont blunt the knives as you could cutting on a hard surface such as marble) and handy non-slip corners hold the board in place during use. As well as helping to reduce waste they are dishwasher safe and of course can be recycled again when they eventually come to the end of their life, years later.

Avanti Fluid Vacuum Bottle and GO CUP

Avanti ‘Go-cups’ and ‘Fluid’ Hydration bottles come in a multitude of different designs with new styles released every six months. Every one will keep drinks hot for 12 hours or cool for 24! Sounds impressive? A number of our team members use these on a daily basis and the comment “wow, they really do keep my coffee hot for ages” is often heard when a new one is purchased. Here are some of our favourite features:

  • Fluid Bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours
  • Go Cups keep drinks hot for 8 hours or cold for 16 hours
  • Aircore Technology with 18/8 stainless steel double-wall construction and vacuum sealed
  • Non-leaching and non-toxic
  • Condensation free
  • Drip-free sipping
  • Fluid bottle opening is wide enough for ice cubes

And if you already have a Fluid Hydration Bottle you must get the ‘pouring stopper lid which fits both the 350 & 500ml sizes.

Kilner® Food On The Go Jar

Reduce your plastic consumption and switch to glass. The Kilner® Food On The Go Jar is the healthy way to store and transport your lunch and snacks. Whether it’s fruit, salad, or dry snacks, the stainless steel cup will hold all of the liquid or wet foods separately away from the crisp dry ingredients. The 1L Food On The Go Jar is a versatile alternative to plastic containers as they’re BPA free, they don’t absorb food flavours, colours or odours, microwave safe, is 100% recyclable, are dishwasher safe and easily sterilised. Also available in 500ml ‘Snacks On The Go’ size.

Karlstert Foldable Shopper

We’ve all walked into the grocery store, wheeling our trolleys to the check out only to realise that the shopping bags are still at home. With single-use plastic bags on the decline it’s important that we alter our habits to support this movement. Rather than adding to your plastic consumption when buying the “reusable” plastic bags, carry your own lightweight, foldable and convenient Karlstert Shopper. These shopper bags easily fit into handbags and backpacks without taking up lots of space and won’t weigh you down. They’re also great to have in the car ready to go as they can fit into small pockets or in your glovebox.

E-cloth Cleaning and Polishing Cloths

E-cloths are an essential for every kitchen. They clean with just the power of water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals in the home. The E-cloth replaces paper towels, disposable wipes and chemical cleaners, significantly reducing the environmental impact that these products have in both their production and usage stages. Paper towels and wipes end up in landfill and can have a major impact on the environment, the production of chemical cleaners and the use of them in our homes affect ecosystems including our waterways. E-cloth and water removes 99% of bacteria and mould by locking them away in the microfibre cloth until washed. The cloths’ surface also picks up dirt, grease and grime keeping your kitchen and home effortlessly clean. The ‘Starter Pack’ (pictured) is an ideal all-purpose pack to clean every room in the house, and don’t forget to use them when washing the car – you’ll be surprised what a difference E-cloth makes! Throw them in the washing machine and they will perform as good as new over and over – in fact they are guaranteed to last for a minimum of 3 years.

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