Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway

With Christmas fast-approaching, we’ve started planning our gift giving and have collated our favourite kitchenware gifts for 2019. Practical yet stylish, these impressive presents not only look great but will help to create memorable moments all year round. With something for everyone (including yourself) we hope you find inspiration from our list, though get in quick before they’re wrapped up under someone else’s tree!

We’re giving away everything on our list in our 12 Weeks of Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway. For more information on how to enter, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Avanti ‘Emperor’ Hobnail Cast-iron Tea Set

For those of us who like our tea served with tradition, Avanti Hobnail cast iron teapots are a must have. First created in China to symbolise the ‘everlasting strength and unity of the world’ (!) cast iron teapots assist in intensifying the flavours and aromas of tea. The enamelled finish in the interior prevents corrosion and a removable stainless steel infuser basket allows the tea to brew to the ideal intensity. Also, as the tea is poured, the leaves sit above the last few cups so the remainder of the tea is not stewed. And as if the cute style of the matching tea cups were not reason enough to include these in this gift, cast iron is also the prefect vessel for sipping tea. Add a pack of The Healthy Chef Matcha Green Tea and any tea lover will literally be green with envy over this gift.

Avanti ‘Emperor’ Hobnail Teapot 750ml – RRP $59.95
Avanti Hobnail set of two Teacups 100ml ea – RRP $21.95

Kasumi Bread Knife

That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife. Kasumi knives are handcrafted in Seki, Japan, a place which is known for their high-quality knives thanks to a rich history of producing Samurai swords as far back as the 13th century. The Sumikama family, a multi-generation family of knife makers still forge traditional Samurai swords with the same expertise that’s been passed down over hundreds of years. Not only does the name Kasumi hold meaning for the family, it also aptly translates to “mist”, a reflection of the blade’s Damascus pattern, thanks to its 32 layers of stainless steel folded around a V-Gold no.10 high carbon stainless steel middle layer. This middle layer combined with a special tempering technique (a closely guarded secret) creates the “sharpest knife out of the box”. Each knife takes upwards of 3 months to craft, passing through the hands of several expert knife makers in the process. The Kasumi Bread knife effortlessly slices through everything from crusty loaves and tough rind to soft sponges without crushing your food. This knife deserves a standing ovation…or, at least, a proud display on your kitchen counter.

Kasumi Bread Knife – RRP $299

Mason Cash In The Forest Mixing Bowl

Mason Cash mixing bowls have stood the test of time since the company was established in 1800, or as they say “over 200 years in the Baking”. Despite the invention of electrical kitchen appliances which can certainly save time and effort in the kitchen, a classic mixing bowl will not only hold your ingredients for many delicious creations but no doubt a heap of nostalgia too. Made from high-quality chip-resistant earthenware they are heavy enough to stand when mixing, yet light enough to hold comfortably in one arm. The ‘In The Forest’ collection remind us of 19th Century Arts and Crafts designs like those by William Morris with adorable fauna from the British woodlands – a different animal featured on each bowl including hedgehogs, rabbits, owls and bears. Ok, it’s questionable if bears ever roamed the forests of England but they have long held cultural importance in the country, think Winnie the Pooh, Rupert and Paddington Bears, Baloo from Rudyard Kiplings “The Jungle Book”.
The bowl we have chosen is the classic 29cm size (historically called size 12 because that referred to how many bowls of that size could fit on a shelf in the kiln) and features a troop of foxes who are all too cute to be called sly or cunning. Don’t be ‘out-foxed’ put this one on the list for the baker in your life.

Mason Cash In The Forest ‘Fox’ Mixing Bowl in Cream, 29cm – RRP $110

Chasseur Rectangular Grill in ‘Caviar’

Who needs a barbeque when you can grill inside with this beauty?! The Rectangular Grill from Chasseur will sear your food with aplomb, leaving those professional grill marks while allowing for healthy cooking thanks to the enamelled surface (inside and out) and deep ridges which allow fats or oils to drain into the corner reservoir. Like all Chasseur cast-iron cookware, it has been made at the brands foundry in the Champagne region of France where they have been producing cast-iron products since 1924.

Chasseur Rectangular Grill in ‘Caviar’ – RRP $379

Scanpan Maître D’ Mortar & Pestle and Oak Serving Board

The new ‘Maître D’ collection from Scanpan includes this stylish Mortar & Pestle and Oak Serving Board. The pestle and the bowl of the mortar are made of cast-iron while the base of the mortar and the serving board are made from American oak. Creating a custom spice blends and serving bread, cheese, or tapas, whether for Christmas day or throughout the year, will always be sophisticated with this handsome pair on hand.

Scanpan Maître D’ Mortar & Pestle – RRP $165
Scanpan Maître D’ American Oak Serving Board 58cm – RRP $119

Kilner® Vintage Drinks Dispenser and matching Vintage Hiballs

For the entertainer, this drinks dispenser will bring a touch of elegance to any party, gathering or summer barbecue. The wide neck of the dispenser makes it easy to add ice and fruit to brew up your own flavours! It’s also easy to refill, keeping the drinks flowing. The matching Vintage Hiballs are perfect for water, mixers, cocktails and spirits and have a heavy base giving the feeling of quality and luxury.

Kilner® 5 Litre Vintage Dispenser – RRP $66.95
Kilner® Vintage Hiballs – RRP $8.95 each

Cuisinart Ice Cream/Frozen Yoghurt Maker

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!! The Cuisinart Ice Cream/Frozen Yoghurt Maker not only gives you the freedom to perfect your own unique flavours, it’ll have it done in under an hour! With a 2-litre capacity, churn out batches upon batches of frozen treats to share among jealous friends or keep for yourself to indulge. Create anything from a salted caramel cookie ice cream, a white chocolate and peach frozen yoghurt, a zesty lemon lime sorbet to a rich dark chocolate honeycomb gelato. With this piece of frozen dessert wizardry, you’ll never have to tough it in the freezer aisle at the supermarket again.

Cuisinart Ice Cream/Frozen Yoghurt Maker – RRP $199

Avanti Wine Traveller Set

We are fortunate to celebrate Christmas in summer ‘Down-under’ which makes picnic, barbeque, camping and beach related products ideal Christmas gifts. This ‘Wine Traveller Set’ is a brilliant innovation to keep wine at their ideal temperature until the last drop is savoured, as long as it is consumed within 24 hours (no problem there!) The cooling technology applies not only to the double walled insulated bottle but also the stemless wine tumblers which have the same ‘isothermic insulated double wall technology’ which even avoids condensation forming on the outsides. The lid of the bottle is leak proof and the chic tumblers have transparent lids so you know when you’re ready for a refill and silicone seals to avoid spills when navigating the great outdoors. A ‘traveller’ never looked so cool – literally.

Avanti Wine Traveler Set in Dove Grey – RRP $79.95

Bakemaster Silver Anodised Deep Round Cake Pans

Let them eat cake! Bakemaster’s brand new Silver Anodised range is for the first-time bakers and the long-time cooks. Bragging superior durability, this lightweight range brings together a smooth and seamless surface with non-stick capabilities for easy food release and even easier clean up. With straight sides, tight corners and a wide range of sizes, layer up your cake creations and take on the challenge of a tiered cake. An essential in any kitchen that’ll come in handy all year round for every occasion: birthdays, weddings, morning teas, baby showers, engagements, milestones, just because you feel like cake days and of course Christmas! Stack them up and stack them up high!

Bakemaster Silver Anodised Round Cake Pans – RRP $17.95 – $54.95

Global 35th Anniversary Santoku Knife

A thousand years a go Japan’s swordsmiths developed the high art of sword making to provide strong, sharp blades for the Samurai warrior caste. Fast forward to 1985 and Global started producing their now world-renown Japanese-made kitchen knives combining the traditional sharpening techniques of Samurai swordsmiths with ultra-modern Japanese tech and like the Samurai swords before them, each knife is carefully weighted to ensure perfect balance in the hand. The distinctive black dots on the handle of ‘Classic’ Global knives have become iconic, not only because of the practical grip they provide but also due to their appearance on the most popular cooking shows on Australian television – think knife block sets on the benches of MasterChef Australia, knife rolls provided to the contestants of My Kitchen Rules, Matt Moran and Maggie Beer cutting into contestants creations on the Great Australian Bake Off and Adriano Zumbo and Rachel Koo doing the same on the upcoming second season of Zumbo’s Just Desserts. The Global 35th Anniversary Santoku Knife is a special edition addition to the Global Classic collection. To celebrate their 35th birthday in style, Global are releasing a select range of knives with a special logo embossed onto the blade. For any Global collector this series will prove a winner this Christmas.

Global Knives 35th Anniversary 13cm Santoku Knife – RRP $149

Mason Cash Original Cane 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Mason Cash have recently launched their dinnerware collections including this ‘Original Cane’ style which takes it inspiration from the brands 200 year heritage from the days when the ‘Pottery’ produced kitchen items made from ‘white and cane’ glazed earthenware. This design features a timeless embossed ring design which adds interest but lets each piece serve as a blank canvas for your instagrammable meals. Read more on the history of Mason Cash in our Kitchen Icons post .

Mason Cash Original Cane 12 piece Dinner Set – RRP $119.95
Mason Cash Original Cane set of four Mugs – RRP $34.95

12 Weeks of Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway.

We’ve partnered with each of these brands to giveaway everything on this list! You have from now until the 17th December 2019 to enter. All you have to do is subscribe to our blog below and tell us your most cherished Christmas tradition.

Each of these brands are also holding their own giveaways leading up to Christmas. Pencil in the competition dates below and follow the brands on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date:

2/10/19 & 20/11/19Avantiavanti_homewaresAvantiHomewares
16/10/19 &
Mason Cashmasoncash_auMasonCashUK
27/11/19Bakemaster bakemaster_auBakemasterAU

3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway

  1. I couldn’t think of a more perfect giveaway for Christmas, food has always brought our family together but as they’ve grown they’ve moved so now at Christmas those who are far away fly over and once again share our lives over a meal.


  2. We love how we all dress up in Christmas attire and play lots of fun games together over Christmas lunch with our friends and family every year!


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