Your Guide To Induction Cookware

There are huge advantages of working with an induction stove top – from their safety features to the savings you make in the long run. Most new builds have switched and induction cooking is looking to be the future of the industry.

SCANPAN offers a large range perfect for your cooking needs on an induction stove top. We’ve put together the most frequently ask questions about Induction and the SCANPAN Classic Induction range below.

How does Induction work?

In order to be Induction friendly, your pot or pan needs to be designed with a magnetic base. Induction stove tops have electric coils running underneath, generating a magnetic field heating the magnetic materials on the stove top i.e. the pan and it’s contents. Without this magnetic base – the pot or pan will not heat.

Do all pots and pans work on all induction cookers?

The short answer to this question is, unfortunately, no. The size of the induction cooker’s burners or hobs varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the induction technology to work optimally, the entire cooking area must be covered by a pot or pan that accurately matches its dimensions.

How do I find the equipment that fits my induction cooker?

Write down the burner or hob dimensions and keep them handy when buying equipment. Note that the magnetic area on the pan base may be smaller than the pan’s diameter. It is the magnetic area on the base that needs to fit the cooker’s burner. SCANPAN recommends buying 1 or 2 products and testing them before buying the entire range.

Can the magnetic base ‘break’, or become damaged from excessive heat or from use on a gas cooker?

No. In SCANPAN’s aluminium induction products, the steel plate is cast into the aluminium body, which means the magnetic bottom cannot be damaged as easily as if the magnetic layer were only sprayed on.

Can you put induction kitchen equipment in the oven?

Yes, it makes no difference whether the kitchen equipment is for induction cookers or not when using it in the oven. The product’s magnetic base will not be damaged by being used in an oven or under a grill.

What is different about SCANPAN’s induction products?

In short, the ‘difference’ is the way SCANPAN creates its induction products. Within the aluminium products, the steel plate is cast inside the pot or pan to make it more magnetic. They are tightly linked which ensures an excellent heat distribution.

Induction kitchen equipment is also made in steel, some with an aluminium core running through the ‘body’ meaning it is in both the base and the walls. Most other equipment has a sandwich base with an aluminium core.

It is all carefully made with optimal base thickness, maximum efficiency and perfect heat distribution – making Scanpan an a great choice for induction cooking.

The SCANPAN Classic Induction Range

Classic is the original, timeless SCANPAN range. Built for everyday use, the series’ squeeze cast base gives even heat distribution for excellent boiling and frying properties. This range from Scanpan features their latest non stick coating, Stratanium. This is a superior, ultra advanced, PFOA Free, 5-layer non stick coating, and increases the thickness and provides 30% improved non stick effect.

With heat resistant handles, the entire range is oven safe up to 260°C suitable for all heat sources including induction.

Classic Induction Frypan
Classic Induction Saute Pan
Classic Induction Chef Pan
Classic Induction Saucepan
Classic Induction Grill Pan
Classic Induction Dutch Oven
Classic Induction Frypan
Classic Induction Wok

See the full SCANPAN Classic Induction here

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