Choosing Your Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is still a treasured kitchen item. It’s durable, retains heat and allows you to use less oil in cooking. Founded in Doncherry, France in 1924 Chasseur is recognised globally for its superior enamel-coated cast iron cookware.

Coming in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours it makes picking your perfect pot hard. But don’t fear, we’ve come to help.

Choose the shape of your casserole

Round Casserole

For dishes cooked in sauce and stews, opt for the round casserole. It’s the perfect shape for mixing smoothly and effectively.

Oval casserole

Its elongated shape is perfect for roasts and poultry.

Low Round casserole

Perfect for sautéing or cooking and serving your pasta.

Choose the size of your casserole

Whether you’ve got a family of 2 or 10, Chasseur can accomodate. The table below lists the number of people, diameter or length and capacity for each product, helping you to make the right choice.

Round Casserole

1 pers. 10 cm 0.35L
2/4 pers. 20 cm 2.50L
4 pers. 22 cm 3.20L
4/6 pers. 24 cm 4.00L
6 pers. 26 cm 5.00L
6/8 pers. 28 cm 6.10L
10 pers. 32 cm 8.80L

Oval Casserole

2 persons 25 cm 3.20L
4 persons 27 cm 4.00L

Low Round Casserole

2/4 persons 30 cm 2.50L

Choosing the interior colour

Choosing the interior colour is not just about aesthetics. It is worth noting that the Matte Black is ideal for browning, cooking and reducing, since foods stick more to a black coating. It is also more scratch-resistant. Meanwhile, the sand colour is very smooth, and foods therefore don’t stick as much. It is also very easy to clean

Choosing the exterior colour

Chasseur casseroles are available in a variety of colours, bringing style and personality to the kitchen and the table!

Find out more about Chasseur and their ranges here

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