Breakfast Trifle

This is a breakfast that feels like a decadent dessert. So healthy, so delicious, so beautiful and so many fresh elements. I love the versatility of this - it can be personalised to match your favourite flavours or fruits and can adapt to the seasons, or to what you have available in the fridge or pantry - Claudia Anton, thesugarologist

Choosing Your Cast Iron

Cast iron cookware is still a treasured kitchen item. It's durable, retains heat and allows you to use less oil in cooking. Founded in Doncherry, France in 1924 Chasseur is recognised globally for its superior enamel-coated cast iron cookware. Coming in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours it makes picking your perfect pot hard. But don't fear, we've come to help.

Your Guide To Induction Cookware

There are huge advantages of working with an induction stove top - from their safety features to the savings you make in the long run. Most new builds have switched and induction cooking is looking to be the future of the industry. SCANPAN offers a large range perfect for your cooking needs on an induction stove top. We've put together the most frequently ask questions about Induction and the SCANPAN Classic Induction range below.

Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway

With Christmas fast-approaching, we've started planning our gift giving and have collated our favourite kitchenware gifts for 2019. Practical yet stylish, these impressive presents not only look great but will help to create memorable moments all year round. With something for everyone (including yourself) we hope you find inspiration from our list, though get in … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide & Giveaway

Spring Cleaning with Sarah Todd

Not only does Spring provide the perfect opportunity to establish healthy habits around the home, but according to Sarah Todd, former MasterChef favourite, cookbook author, globally celebrated chef and newly appointed ambassador for ClickClack, we can all apply these habits to our mind and body to refresh and recharge our inner batteries ready for the … Continue reading Spring Cleaning with Sarah Todd