Which Jar for What?

The importance of using good quality glass jars when preserving and how to know which one is best for the type of preserve you’re doing.

Cornersmith is very selective when it comes to their suppliers. When pickling, preserving and fermenting they use seasonal produce, their favourite Australian vinegar, local sea salt and quality preserving jars and equipment. We asked Cornersmith’s founder/owner Alex Elliott-Howery why she chooses Kilner® Jars and preserving accessories for their picklery workshops and to sell in stores and online.

Kilner® Jars on the set of Cornersmith’s Online School. Image credit: Cornersmith

Good quality jars are paramount to successful preserving. In our classes, on our retail shelves and in our online school, we use Kilner®.

Kilner® is a UK based company that has been producing the best quality jars and preserving equipment since 1842. Its long-lasting popularity is owed to its unique pressure seal, iconic design and overall quality. Put simply, households all over the world have trusted it to successfully preserve and pickle their fruit and vegetables for over 177 years!

Kilner® get our tick of approval because their products last a lifetime, meaning you buy them once and use them for the rest of your pickling days – unless you give them all away! Those lucky enough to have received one in our preserving classes know how handsome they look on your shelves. Made from ‘A’ Grade soda lime glass, the clarity of the jars is clearer and they have an even thickness of glass to ensure there are no weak spots. This is essential when sterilising and heat processing and you can be confident your Kilner® Jars are up to the task.

This is what we look for when shopping for equipment. Don’t risk your precious preserves by using low quality storage with ill-fitting lids that can lead to breakages and food waste.

Kilner® has a wide section of jars for many different preserves. The Wide Mouth Preserve Jars for asparagus spears and rhubarb, the Twist Top Jars for chutney or mustard, the Tomato shaped jar for tomato jam and the Hexagonal Twist Top Bottles for our homemade ketchup. Regardless of their good looks and shape, we know they will withstand the heat levels required when sterilising and heat processing.

We also stock all the equipment that make preserving at home a breeze – a stainless steel jam pan perfect for thickening jam, chutneys and heat processing, preserving clamps for picking up hot jars, and funnels to make sure you get all your preserves in the jar without the mess.

Kilner® Jars filled with a variety of Cornersmith pickles, preserves and pantry staples. Image credit: Cornersmith

What style jars should I choose?

Kilner® offers a range of jars for all your pickling, preserving and storing needs but how do you know which will jar with work best for you? Here are a few handy hints to consider when you are searching for the perfect jars to store your homemade preserves.

Preserve Jars

The Kilner® Preserve Jars are a good all-rounder. They have a two-piece lid and unique pressure seal. We like using these for all our preserves. One of the benefits of this type of lid is the vacuum seal. You will know you’ve heat processed them properly because the lid will stay on the jar even when the band is unscrewed. They come in a few different styles:

Genuine Preserve Jars
The shoulder in the jar helps keep produce in place and in the case of canned tomatoes, keep the tomatoes under the juice.

Wide Mouth Preserve Jars
Perfect for preserving whole fruits and vegetables as the wider opening allows for easy filling. These jars have very handy volume indicators embossed on the side of the jar.

Fruit Preserve Jars
Fill these jars with jam, chutney or relish for the sweetest little gift. These little jars shaped as a tomato or strawberry are the perfect size for a present!

Twist Top Jars

These are a classic and we think the easiest to use. With a coated pressure seal lid, they are designed to make home preserving easy. Made in England from high quality, 30% recycled glass. Plus, you’ll look like a real preserver with their cute gingham patterned lids!

Round Twist Tops Jars
Perfect for serving condiments and pickles and storing dried fruit and herbs.

Image credit: Cornersmith

Hexagonal Twist Top Bottles
Tall, hexagonal shape is perfect for storing and serving homemade sauces including Tomato Ketchup.

Image credit: Cornersmith

Clip Top Jars

These jars are ideal for storing dry foods as well as preserving fruits and vegetables. They feature an airtight rubber seal and high-quality stainless-steel clip engineered to ensure the slip tension is 100% perfect, ensuring an ideal seal every time. What’s better is that the orange rubber bands are replaceable so the jar can last forever.

Alex Elliott-Howery preparing the set for Cornersmith’s Online School with an assortment of Kilner® Jars. Image credit: Cornersmith

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