“Vive la Vive!” (Vive Cooking School, that is)

Vive Cooking School – for passionate foodies searching for a deeper connection with how they shop, source, prepare and share food. VIVE is a place to Nourish, Inspire and Share.

Vive is located within The Cannery precinct in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery, which also houses the likes of Wholefoods House, Archie Rose Distillery, Black Star Pastry and a number of great eateries. The Red Spoon Company is also there to keep fans of culinary tools like us happy, especially as they stock all the cookware, knives and products used at Vive.

The stylish cooking school is situated in the centre of a converted warehouse space, so visitors to the market can walk around Vive and view the varied activity inside, with classes showcasing cuisine from all around the world.

Vive Cooking School is located in the heart of The Cannery Precinct

The school opened three years ago fitted out by Modulnova Italian Kitchen Design with SMEG appliances, including the white ceramic induction cooktops which blend beautifully with the marble-like porcelain benchtops by Artedomus.

As the ‘authority on premium cookware’ we were interested to know why Vive’s founder Jean-Luc Tan chose Global Knives and Chasseur’s French-made cast-iron cookware and accessories for their use in the school;

We are a customer-centric company, always looking for ways to improve our student’s experience, and that is why we are proud to work with Global Knives and Chasseur cookware. Both brands are the synonym of the balance between quality, reliability and aesthetic. Our students not only discover the joy of cooking with such beautiful tools and pans, but they also realise the importance of using quality knives, quality cast-iron pans. Nothing gives me more confidence when our Chefs are taking pride in using the Global Knives and the Chasseur Cast-Iron range to deliver an amazing culinary experience to already thousands of students.

Jean-Luc Tan – Founder & CEO, Vive Cooking School

Providing culinary inspiration while demonstrating the benefits of investing in quality cookware and knives comes naturally at Vive. For example, they convey the unique properties cast-iron cookware brings to cooking – thanks to its ability to not only distribute heat evenly around the pan but also to retain the heat so efficiently – and at Vive you can also learn how to maintain a Chef’s ‘essential tools’ at their Knife Skills and Sharpening classes.

So if you live in Sydney or are visiting from out of town, ensure you book in for a class at Vive – we are sure you will be informed, entertained and your taste-buds satiated if you do. We’ll let Jean-Luc have the last word on the school which sums up their ethos perfectly…

Together with you, I hope that Vive Cooking School will become home to an engaging community of passionate cooks of all skills and ages, looking for a deeper connection with how they shop, source, prepare and share food. Our local food artisans provide the very best of what this beautiful country has to offer – and we in turn plan to guide you on the very best way to prepare and enjoy these offerings.

— Jean-Luc Tan, Founder

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